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Cricket’s more than a game. It’s Day One of the Adelaide Test or practicing in the nets after school. It’s Saturdays in the sun, and catching up with friends.

As a Member of the South Australian Cricket Association, you play a key role in ensuring the health of our game. Delivering the Adelaide Test, supporting the next generation of South Australian players and keeping cricket in schools is all made possible because of your continuing support for SACA.

Founded in 1871, every generation of Members have made decisions to keep the game thriving and growing. Our generation, more than any other, has seen a massive change in the world and the sport – but the structure behind it hasn’t. The decades old constitution and legal structure hasn’t kept up. And with more competition from other sports for the next generation of talent, along with venues and states putting up a fight for prestigious test matches – the South Australian Cricket Association needs to change the way it works to ensure the game has a future as fertile as it’s past.

So, what do you hope SA cricket will look like over the next 5-10 years? Share your views in the panel to the right.

In conversations over the last 6 months – Members have made it clear we want a cricket association that continues to deliver the greatest sporting events on the calendar, grow investment in grassroots cricket, attracts a new generation of families, and develops leading talent. 

To meet these challenges, South Australian Cricket fans need a healthy and sustainable organisation with modern governance – one that’s transparent and accountable to all Members.

Shared Stories

2018-03-06 19:56:00 +1100
Andrew Macdonald

Andrew Macdonald

2018-03-05 11:50:43 +1100
The District competition is vibrant, competitive and preparing Shield ready players. Shield players are regularly competing in the District competition. The Redbacks have won at least two Sheffield Shields and the games are drawing healthy crowds with a mix of day/night fixtures. Bbl/wbbl double headers are standard. The Od competition is shared across the country and Saca members get their fixtures at Adelaide Oval. The Day/night Test is locked in for the next 50 years.

Andrew Kay

2018-03-03 23:40:33 +1100
For all of the years I have known sport at the Adelaide Oval, there has been conflict between the Sanfl/afl and the Saca. It would be great to see these bodies getting along more cooperatively in the spirit of providing the best service and experience for all users of the facilities.

Michael Mickan

2018-03-03 08:52:00 +1100
Greater numbers watching state cricket, school trips, events on the village green designed to promote the game – for example multi-cultural festivals, vegan festivals, food and wine festivals could all be the main attraction on the village green with the added bonus of a state cricket game happening at the same time. It’s a win win for the events as they already have a crowd (of sorts) and it’s a win for cricket as the crowd at the events has an opportunity to enjoy the oval.

Cliff Edwards

2018-03-02 23:36:53 +1100
Bigger, better and brighter than it is now. Sadly Australia is only interested in Afl, cricket hardly gets a look in, as a primary school sport it’s already almost dead, college ‘first Xi’ dessimates junior premier cricket, senior cricket might lose a grade (only one if its lucky) Saca and Ca need to wake up and start making waves otherwise I fear in 10 years time cricket will be in a critical condition

Julie Brown

2018-03-02 21:59:26 +1100
As a new parent with a wife new to cricket, watching Sheffield Shield and international cricket at Adelaide Oval was great time together, and an excellent environment to teach a newcomer what to look for. Our young daughter learned the essence of the game by watching with us and then being allowed to meet friends in the safety of the Members enclosure or the Outer.

That introduction led to us being members in our own right and continuing enjoyment of the game.

Henry Rischbieth

2018-03-02 17:28:29 +1100
Lets put more resources into district cricket and reduce the number of sides. It means the talent is spread over a greater area and these players play against more players of lesser standard . Therefore their talent is not tested often enough and their performances plateau. Better players produced at district level means a far stronger shield side not relying on interstate recruits. The public/members will then follow shield cricket more intently.

Charles Simmons

2018-03-02 16:02:14 +1100
Our district (i.e. grass-roots) cricket is not strong enough. On a population basis We Have Too Many District Clubs – until this is fixed by S.a.c.a. we will never create a stronger pool of talent & therefore eventually a stronger S.a. team. It is all so obvious & so frustrating!

Barry Starr

2018-03-02 15:39:46 +1100
As members get older the non transferability of their pass limits dramatically the benefits of membership. As a member of almost 60 years & declining health if I can’t go effectively my wife cannot go. …nor can any other family member go with her. After 50 yrs of membership member tickets should be transferable! I am not sure if this is the context for such a comment

David George

2018-03-02 14:48:21 +1100
I have 2 disabled childern, and my vision is for the Saca to emrace accesability and inclusion to ensure that the inclusion of people with disabilities is recognised and respected. Not only in the facilities bu in the way people acknowledge and respect them

David Noble

2018-03-02 14:23:46 +1100
Agree totally with Nathan Herds comments on members Standards. People Moving during overs is a Pain, have only seen one Saca official in the Members area Try to enforce the Rule.more education on this required.

Paul Cleverley

2018-02-22 23:45:50 +1100
Play domestic (50 over) 1 day cup in Adelaide and other states on a rotational basis (it is a national game and should be played in all states).

To see South Australia play in a shield final at Adelaide oval.

Leon Watkins

2018-02-15 16:26:06 +1100
Bring back the day test and more strictly enforce the standards of etiquette in members. So many members move around during overs. If you want to attract more families and inspire a love of cricket in kids then get rid of the day/night test and stop over subscribing members to the point where a family can’t even get (or hold onto) seats together to watch the cricket for a day. Making all member tickets transferable will only make the over subscription problem worse.


2018-02-14 20:06:25 +1100
Have an explicit vote on the traditional vs day/night test format. As member not ever specifically asked on this. We are stuck with it. Seriously considering forgoing Adel test, instead heading i/state for normal test match each year now. Country members couldn’t get accom under $500/night. Day/night test doesn’t allow for near-country members to come for a day. Make transferable cheaper. Keep member’s card non-transfer. $8m Led lights?! Put more coffee machines at 2x coffee shops behind stand!


2018-02-12 10:42:30 +1100
I hope that Saca continues to enable us, through membership, to see quality cricket of all types – tests (day and night), Odi, T20 and Bbl. But in doing this, it needs to show more respect to its members – get rid of the appalling and constant ‘orders’ not to insult people or invade the field of play (I cannot believe these are needed), improve the quality of food outlets, bring down the outrageous price of beer; in other words, act for your members rather than being beholden to Ca and the Sma.

Rob Bramley

2018-02-12 09:03:44 +1100
Test cricket will still be the main form of cricket


2018-02-11 11:56:16 +1100
Keep membership at a fare & reasonable price so that it is always affordable to everyone . Keep membership non transferable but bring down the price of a transferable card. Look at a rotation system for day & day/night tests.

Ross Holcombe

2018-02-10 09:03:23 +1100
I hope that there is real support and development for our Shield team and our grad comp, which are being eroded by this obsession with Bbl. I would also prefer the Test match to revert to the Australia Day time of year.


2018-02-09 18:33:30 +1100
Entry to all Ss games is free to the public, which is great, but what do us members get over than above, just to sit in the “red seats”, there has to be more surely. Bring back the day Test matches, the day/night format makes for an extremely long day.

Trevor Walker

2018-02-08 22:32:50 +1100
Please make Membership transferable, even if maximum attendance days are excluded.

That will bolster attendances and encourage membership, both of which are good for the game of cricket in Sa>

Brian Clancey

2018-02-08 22:12:13 +1100
I hope in 2021-22 and 2025-26 we have Ashes Day test matches again. Can totally understand Day-night test matches for other countries but the crowd would’ve been the same for this match if it was in the Day as opposed to day/night such is our love of Aus v England test matches. It was record crowds because of the bigger capacity not because of the timing. More shield games in January would be nice and one day State games back in Adelaide

Andrew Modra

2018-02-08 17:56:39 +1100
I aspire for a future where the traditions of cricket will not be lost. I appreciate that many people like day night matches, but many also like tests in their traditional slot. I despair that traditional cricketers like Chad Sayers cannot get a game at the peak of the season because of Bbl. Saca needs to be flexible with transfer-ability of membership. There might need to be three days a season with transfer blackouts, but who cares if a ticket is used by a non-member to go to a Shield Game

David Litchfield

2018-02-08 16:27:51 +1100
I hope that Saca will provide the best possible conditions and associated facilities for the playing and watching of cricket. The 4 day and test game is being drowned out in american style noise, lights and unending public address at a volume that makes it hard to communicate even with the person alongside you. The noise over the Pa at test match during every available break in play was relentless and inescapable. Spectators should be given a choice.

Leon Polkinghorne

2018-02-08 14:20:27 +1100
To thrive in the future I believe the Saca needs to become more flexible particularly with transferable memberships and perhaps a wider range of memberships. Options with joint football and cricket or just Big bash family memberships made affordable otherwise people will stay home and just watch it on Tv and then perhaps lose interest altogether.

Annette Mckay

2018-02-08 10:15:53 +1100
I would love for Saca to focus more on the cricket lovers who spend the whole day with their binoculars up, watching every ball. It would be great if we were known as the state of cricket tragics rather than the long lunch out on the village green, although I know that the village green creates much more revenue than the tragics.

I would also like to see more vegetarian and healthy food options in the food stalls in the stands. Even the village green only has 2 or 3 vegetarian meal options.

Georgia Bradtke

2018-02-08 09:19:25 +1100
Make sure there is real support for grade and shefield cricket , without those healthy areas ,there will be no super stairs to generate the income . Fabulos cricket ground


2018-02-07 23:49:28 +1100
How about a dedicated seating area for 25 year members as a reward like you have now for 50 year members?

Also please promote no walking in the members seated areas during overs as many just don’t get it…

Also members allowing their children to use Kfc buckets as drums and banging those blow up sticks becomes very annoying for most when they do it all day mostly at Big Bash and Odi less so in tests. Many members like me have had enough of these types of bad behavior which just annoy people!


2018-02-07 23:01:06 +1100
I’d love to see more interest taken by Saca in grass roots development. Make players more visible by visiting schools/ junior training – preferably send the players kids know and have heard of! In my son’s grade, 4 out of 90 kids play club cricket and most wont play school cricket or T20 because it’s poorly supported and organised. Most now play soccer. Help get the kids wanting to play! Big bash is great but don’t be lazy and rely on 2 months of Tv bringing kids to the game.


2018-02-07 21:47:08 +1100
As an Mcc (Mcg) member as well as a Saca member, I’m surprised that Saca members can consume alcohol in their viewing seats. At the Mcg all drinking is confined to the bars for all sports. I’m a drinker but I prefer the Mcc approach and find that Saca’s policy results in some fairly messy behaviour in the stands, especially in the last session of the night Tests.


2018-02-07 20:36:09 +1100
I am supportive of increasing the number of supporters who have an interest in cricket. However, I would like them to understand the etiquette of cricket. There are plenty of opportunities for spectators to move between overs.

The facilities are excellent. However, the only area which I think can be improved is shade over seated areas. The Village Green is good but it would be better if it attracted cricket supporters rather than those who want to been seen as their primary purpose.

Chris Jordison